Anonymous asked:

can you stop answering all the hatemail you get as actual posts, like your blog is so negative its awful I just wanna see pics of you w/ barely anything on not read shit about people who don't like you - fuck em more nudies!

carmelitaaddams answered:

Fuck you this isn’t a blog for you, this is a blog for me. If I want to answer the mail I get I’m going to answer the mail I get. I don’t answer majority of the things I receive, that’d overflow my blog more than it already is. 

As far as the rest of this dumbass ask, you can refer to the post before this because I have the same response. 

You are both the same type of idiots.

I don’t care about your desire to see me naked. 

I do this shit on my own time. Go beat your dicks to somethin’ else. 

I think this girl is so cool